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Amazing quality!!

Ema J.
Los Angeles, CA

I tried a lot of differents kind of candles..... regulars, soy etc, and this brand is the best.Smell last long time and the essences are magic. The best of the best.

Maria D.
Fort Myers, FL

The aroma is so good fills up the whole room. Last long even after turning the candle off. If you love the smell of coffee in the morning this candle is perfect for you.

Cynthia C.
Los Angeles, CA

I am so glad i found this shop. I will be ordering some more soon.

Olivia A.
Dallas, TX

My third time buying and these candles are the best by far!!

Kathy A.
Chicago, IL
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Amazing Quality
After you try our candles your life will not be the same
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Same Quality and More Burning Hours

fill your home with the new 22oz candle and more than 130 hours of burning.

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Cala scent is not just a business, it is a project that has grown from motivation and soul. We have sown dedication and that is why today we obtain this wonderful result.